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February 12, 2019

Nyungwe festival returns

If you are attending the upcoming Nyungwe Festival, then I guess it is time to get ready for fun, exercise and merry making.

Slated for March 8 – 9, the festival is one that will leave you with memories and give you an exceptionally unique experience that will leave you in awe of the country’s nature and beauty.

The annual festival involves a diverse nature of activities that makes this event an adventure of a lifetime and one to bond with nature.


With main activities that will include the Nyungwe marathon and a community exhibition, the event will serve as an amazing treat with a spectacular view of the forest, fresh air from trees, the birds and cheery chimpanzees.

The annual event, that has been happening since 2015, will see participants enjoy other activities the national park has to offer including the canopy walk, species of chimpanzees, plus owl-faced and Colobus monkeys, and the Kamiranzovu trail with its bird life, orchids and a waterfalls.

Participants will then be treated to an After-party that will be fun-filled with music, food and drinks. It will be held at Gisakura (West Gate of Nyungwe Forest).

Arsene Mpuhwezimana, one of the organisers of the event says the objective of this event is to increase Nyungwe Forest conservation awareness by involving local communities in promoting tourism attractions and facilities around that area as well as displaying potential business opportunities to communities and other investors which in turn will make Rwanda a more attractive tourism destination.

The race is also founded on the notion of stretching human potential, he says. “That’s why we don’t give out prizes for fastest, but to only those who manage to go further than ever before,” he says.

Registration for this event is free however participants will cater for their transport, accommodation and other costs.

February 5, 2019

Abagera kuri 700 bategerejwe kuzitabira “Nyungwe Marathon” ku nshuro ya 8

Tariki 8-9 Werurwe  2019, muri Pariki y’Igihugu ya Nyungwe hateganyijwe kuzabera, iserukiramuco rya “Nyungwe Festival”, ririmo isiganwa ku maguru rya “Nyungwe Marathon”, igiye kuba ku nshuro yayo ya 8, rikaba ritegerejwe kuzitabirwa n’abantu bagera kuri 700.

Iyi Nyungwe Festival, ari nayo yateguwe na Nyungwe Marathon ku bufatanye na Ivomo Ltd. Muri aba bantu bagera kuri 700, bazitabira iri siganwa barimo 500 b’abanyamahanga na 200 basanzwe baturiye aka gace ka Pariki, bazasiganwa mu byiciro bigera kuri 4 bitandukanye.

Mu byiciro 4 bizakinwa muri iri siganwa birimo; kwiruka marato yuzuye, hakaba hareshya n’ibilometero 55 (55km), ahareshya n’ibilometero 25 (25km), ahareshya n’ibilometero 12 “The Half Half”, ndetse n’ahareshya n’ibilometero 110, (110km), byiswe “The Double Double”.

Aganira n’Imvaho Nshya, Umuyobozi Mukuru wa Ivomo Ltd, Karangwa Anaclet, uri mu bategura iki gikorwa, yatangaje kwiyandikisha ku bazitabira iri siganwa byamaze gutangira aho bikorerwa ku rubuga rwa Nyungwe Marathon.

Avuga ko muri iri siganwa, abazaba baryitabiriye bose, bazasoreza ahantu hamwe, bityo bikazaba ari umwanya mwiza wo kumurika ibikorwa bitandukanye bishobora kubyarira inyungu umuturage uturiye iyi Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe.

Ati “Aho bazasoreza, hazaba harimo aho kumurika ibintu bijyanye n’ubukerarugendo, handcraft, ubuki, imishinga yo kurengera ibidukikije ariko byose hagamijwe ibyaba byagirira inyungu abaturage, kugira ngo arusheho gukomeza kugira uruhare kukibungabunga.”

Akomeza avuga ko iri siganwa rya Nyungwe Marathon, rizanafasha mu gukangurira abaturage kubungabunga ndetse no kurushaho kumenyekanisha Pariki ya Nyungwe n’ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi, bituma habaho kubungabunga iri shyamba rya Nyungwe.

Ati “Ariko kandi Pariki ya Nyungwe tuyamamaze mu rwego rw’ubukerarugendo ariko ubwo bukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco n’abaturage kandi bufitiye inyungu abaturage.”

Abazitabira iri siganwa ku maguru bazahaguruka Gisakura berekeze Kitabi banyuze mu muhanda unyura mu ishyamba rya Nyungwe, aho bazahiruka inshuro ebyiri. Ni mu gihe imurikagurisha ryo rizaba riri kubera ku nkengero za Nyungwe zombi.

March 25, 2018

10 Adventure Activities in Rwanda

Increasingly known for gorilla trekking and luxury travel, the small nation of Rwanda has a lot to offer adventure intrepid travelers. Read on for ten of the best adventure activities to check out while visiting the land of a thousand hills.


Kayak Lake Kivu
Rwanda’s pristine Lake Kivu makes this country not only a hiking destination but a beach one as well. The lakeside towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye offer plenty of kayaking opportunities, from casual to lakeside rentals to trips with Kingfisher Journeys. Early mornings on the lake are quite calm, as hazy mist coats the terraced farms, and fishing boats return with a dawn’s haul. Rwanda by land is gorgeous, and Rwanda by water is even more impressive.


Gorilla trekking
There’s nothing quite like hiking through a thick forest on the side of an extinct volcano, dripping with sweat and covered in mud, before coming across a family of endangered mountain gorillas. Rwanda is one of the only countries in the world—along with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda—that offers trekking with endangered mountain gorillas, and conservation efforts in the past fifteen years have impressively buoyed the species forward. If your budget allows for gorilla trekking, it really shouldn’t be missed.


Hikes in Nyungwe
Nyungwe National Park, in addition to housing most of the country’s primate and bird population, is also Africa’s largest montane rainforest. As a result, hikes in this park are plentiful, lush, and incredibly rewarding. Make sure to check out the waterfall hike and the canopy walk, and bring a raincoat or two.

Cycle the Congo Nile trail
Rwanda’s Congo Nile trail spans the length of Lake Kivu, and can be hiked, biked, or even kayaked. The trail takes travelers through bright green tea fields, terraced farms, lakeside viewpoints, and small towns. It takes about eight days to kayak, three days to bike, and 11 days to hike, and there are plenty of small guesthouses and campsites for travelers to stay at along the way.


Hike Mt. Karisimbi
Hiking Rwanda’s highest mountain, Mt. Karisimbi, entails a difficult two-day trek to the picturesque summit. Though the trails in the rainy season are particularly treacherous, the views more than make up for it. Make sure to pack warm and waterproof clothes, and cross your fingers for good visibility.


Run a marathon
Two marathons happen in Rwanda every year. The Nyungwe Marathon and the Kigali Peace Marathon usually occur in March and May, respectively, and take participants through the lush forests of Nyungwe and the gleaming streets of Kigali. Runners from all over the region attend these events, and the country is abuzz when they occur.

Chimpanzee trekking
Chimpanzee trekking is gorilla trekking’s infinitely cheaper and more active cousin. Though tourists flock to Rwanda for a chance to see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe National Park, located in the southwest of the country, is home to the country’s rambunctious chimpanzees. Trekking to these primates is an experience in and of itself—you will hear their screeching calls in the canopies of the trees long before you see them, and once you actually find the chimpanzees, keeping up with the pack can be quite challenging. It’s an incredible experience for those looking to expand their time in Rwanda, and Nyungwe is a great introduction to the country’s southern districts.


Camp and swim on Lake Burera
The twin lakes of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo provide some of Rwanda’s most impressive views and idyllic days. On Lake Burera, Cyuza’s Island is the preeminent camping spot in the area, and offers island walks, kayaking, swimming, and boat rides. Though rarely on the tourist map, this island and surrounding lake are absolutely stunning.


Hike Mt. Bisoke
Mt. Bisoke, an extinct volcano that straddles Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is one of Rwanda’s most popular day hikes. The hike takes about six hours round trip and features an impressive crater lake at the summit. Panoramic views of the surrounding Virunga volcanoes are available on clear days, and lucky groups can sometimes spot mountain gorillas hanging out on the trail.

Rwanda is now home to Africa’s big 5—the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, and leopard. In Akagera National Park, travelers can search around for these impressive creatures, safariing around the Northern Plains and southern marshes and glamping in the evenings at Ruzizi lodge. Try your hand at animal spotting, though the community guides and park rangers at Akagera’s entrance are excellent trackers and have a lot of insider knowledge.

February 2, 2018

News from our Rwandan Managers, February 2018

There is plenty happening in Rwanda at the moment – our kitchen gardens are coming to fruition, our enterprise projects are growing and our staff have also found time to run the Nyungwe Marathon to raise some money for us! Find out more in February’s Newsletter!

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